Mediterranean Meatballs

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The end of summer has meant a major transition for our family--Two kids in school! That means that this mama has spent every school day on the back of a horse doing cattle-work in the hills. Sanity, freedom, Hallelujah! I mean the little darlings are thrilled to be at school [...]

Tuesday Night Tenderloin


Around here we feel that good food is the reward for hard-work. There is nothing more satisfying than a hearty meal after a day of physical labor. However, after a day of working outside that meal better be easy to cook and I better be able to whip it up [...]

Trail’s End Burgers

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The perfect solution for making the best-ever burgers, other than using Trail's End Grassfed Beef, of course, is to get Tyler to make them. Tyler, along with being highly competent in virtually every task known to man (welding, carpentry, mechanics, ranching, parenting), also has been blessed with extreme burger making [...]

Classic Beef Stew

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This is a classic in our kitchen. And when I say 'classic," I mean that I cook it often, but it is never the same twice. This is the best way to have a hearty, nourishing one-pot meal, while using up anything that is in the fridge. Most recently, our [...]