The Grassfed Difference

Beef produced with the simple ingredients of grass, water, and time has unparalleled flavour and quality. We manage our carefully selected herd and our land closely because we know that lush grass, fertile soil, and clean water combine with happy, healthy cattle to give rich taste and tenderness to our beef. Just like a fine wine, grassfed beef has terroir,  a character unique to place.

Our cattle are slow grown. This means that they are butchered almost a full year older than conventionally-finished animals. Time contributes to the real beef flavour and marbling that our customers have come to expect from Trail’s End Beef. When cattle are allowed to live and thrive naturally their meat tastes the way beef is meant to taste– pure and rich. Our customers tell us, “this is the best beef we have ever eaten.”

True grass-finished beef is processed seasonally. Our beef is available from July through October when the grass is at its peak.  Pre-order to fill your freezer during the harvesting months. Ordering in bulk ensures that you and your family are nourished with grassfed beef all year long.

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Why Eat Grassfed Beef?

Trail’s End produces beef that tastes like beef! A pasture-based diet combined with a natural, slow growth process produces beef that is full of flavour.  Indeed the French, connoisseurs of great steak, “consider beef younger than two years old  to be insipid.” Our cattle are butchered directly off of lush and varied pasture between 26 and 29 months of age. All Trail’s End beef is dry-aged at the butcher for 14 to 21 days. The dry-aging process intensifies the depth of flavour and enhances the tenderness of our prime beef.  This length of aging is recommended by our artisan butcher to maximize the benefits without excessive loss of weight through moisture loss and trimming.  We eat our steaks just as we would taste fine wine. Try your steak plain, or with just a little salt and pepper, and enjoy the texture and flavour of pure beef.
Some of the most exciting things about eating grassfed beef are the health benefits! Current research proves that this is beef you can feel good about eating. Healthy cattle, raised on grass alone, give us safe, nutritious beef. Pasture-raised beef is an incredible source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fats. Grassfed beef is one of the best sources of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), an essential fatty acid known to prevent obesity and heart disease and fight cancer and diabetes. Compared to grain-fed, grassfed beef is substantially higher in Vitamin A, E and Beta-carotene and does not cause harmful inflammation in the body.  Pastured beef also has 75% more Omega 3 fat than its commodity counterpart, with a nutritionally appropriate Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio. Additionally, a forage-based diet creates a healthy bacterial environment in the animal that reduces the probability of Ecoli. Grassfed means a healthy animal and a healthy product! When you place an order for pastured meat, remember to take advantage of the health benefits of all the extras. Soup Bones, Beef Suet, and Offal Meats are particularly good sources of nutrients and beneficial fats.
Increasingly, science proves that properly managed, pasture-raised cattle are beneficial to the environment.  The combination of cows and grass is ecologically regenerative. Thriving perennial grasslands depend on herbivores and their grazing patterns to stimulate plant growth, fertilize the soil, and increase biodiversity.  These complex grassland ecosystems perform many important environmental functions. Particularly timely on a global scale, in relation to climate change, cattle on grass efficiently sequester carbon.

At Trail’s End we rotationally-graze our cattle using electric fencing to best manage the grass. Intense grazing followed by periods of rest creates hardy perennial root systems and promotes soil health. As stewards of our land, which is part of a major watershed in southern Alberta, we take pride in upgrading our watering systems to keep our water sources clean and promote dynamic riparian zones.  Our springs are developed to keep the waterways pristine. A mobile, solar-powered watering system allows us to access remote wells and promotes the best use of our dugouts. All of our land thrives without the use of chemical inputs. We do not use any chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.  Our land and cattle are holistically managed as part of a bigger picture of health for our family, community, and environment.

The well-being of our cattle is the primary focus at Trail’s End, everyday. We care for our cattle with dignity from the day they are born and through every cycle of their lives.  This dignity extends to the day that we personally take them to the processor.  A respectful end for our cattle is of great importance to us.  We use a small professional butcher who ensures that the cattle are handled quietly and humanely. The cattle go straight from grass pastures, to the butcher, to your freezer.

The healthy relationship between cattle and the land extends to the relationship between producer and consumer.  Sustainable ranching is both environmentally and socially beneficial for our communities. Purchasing ethically-raised beef directly from the family who raised it enables consumers to play an important role in the health of local “food sheds.” Small-scale, family ranches thrive because of conscious consumers who choose where their food dollars are spent.  We encourage you to become engaged with the process of raising your food. Please feel welcome to visit the ranch any day.

“The highest order of humaneness produces the best flavour.”

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Enjoy all the Extras

Make the best use of beautiful beef. Every cut is available- Soup Bones, Beef Suet, Offal Meats, Oxtail.  These cuts are nutritionally rich and delicious! Check out our recipes for some tips on “Nose to Tail” cooking.

Ready for the Freezer

Your beef comes frozen, labelled, and neatly packaged for long storage. Buying in bulk means the convenience of reaching in the freezer for a delicious cut of grassfed beef, year-round.

Quality for Every meal

Enjoy a range of cuts. From slow-cooked stew on a weeknight to showcase roasts for special occasions. Prime grassfed beef is unsurpassed for flavour, health, and ethics. Feel great about the beef on your table.