Local Producers We Support

Good food and good friends, two of the most important things in life!  Here at Trail’s End we put ethically-raised, locally-produced food on our table.  Most of our food is grown right here on the ranch, but some of it we source from our community of local producers. We’re happy to share a list of resources to help you do the same.

PLEASE NOTE: Trail’s End Beef is not directly affiliated with the farms listed below. They are our friends, neighbors, and the places where we source the food that goes into our family’s meals.  Please contact the producers listed for details and questions about their production practices.

Pasture-raised, heritage pork on a family operation near Nobleford, AB.  We love their bacon and buy it in bulk!

Broek Pork Acres

Unpasteurized, raw honey, and happy bees buzzing around our hay field. We love having the Bee my Honey hives in the shelter-belt of trees at our homeplace.  It makes the ranch feel alive when the bees venture into our flower garden and drink at the chicken’s water bowl.  This ranch-raised honey is available in our barnyard Farm Store and at the Hive in Nanton.

Bee My Honey

Pesticide-free, greenhouse-raised tomatoes and basil located just outside Nanton, AB.  Product is available at the farm store and at every Calgary Co-Op location.

Paradise Hill Farm

Pasture-raised pork, organic vegetables,  and organic hay and grain. Keeping it in the family! This is my Aunt and Uncle’s farm, but I am not biased when I say that these are the happiest pigs and the tastiest pork you could find.  We fill our freezer with a side of pork annually, purchase the hay for our cows, and graze our cattle on their pasture. (And sometimes raid the garden, shhh…)

Find Thirsty Acres on Facebook

Pasture-raised lamb, chicken, and eggs from Millarville, AB.  Farmer Amy also raises laying hens and we top up our flock every year with her hearty, healthy birds.

Find Tiny Springs Farm on Facebook

Organic, non-homogenized, low-temperature pasteurized milk. When we are not milking a family cow, we purchase through Vital Green. 

Vital Green Farm

Homemade pastured-pork sausage patties with lots of garden sage. Savory and satisfying.
A roasted, pasture-raised chicken is true comfort food and feeds our family for days.
Kale thieves raiding the garden at Thirsty Acres. They’ll do anything for kale chips!