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To complement our bulk beef sales, Trail’s End Beef is also available in smaller quantities.  When in stock, Roasts, Steaks, and Ground Beef are sold by the piece. All of our beef is grassfed, grass-finished and slow-grown, this means that supplies are limited and variable.  

Inventory is listed in the boxes below. This is updated regularly.  Pricing is in the link at the bottom of the page. Order by email.  Please send us your “wish list” and we will do our best to fill your order. We keep a running waiting list for Select Cuts, feel free to get in touch at any time with your requests.

Current Inventory

February, 2024 :   Ground Beef | Stew Beef



Grassfed Ground Beef  1lb packs, $9.00/lb   

Offals and Extras

A trend towards traditional nutrition and nose-to-tail cooking is encouraging for sustainable beef producers.   Utilizing every piece of beef is integral to respecting the animals that serve as our food.  Offal meats are incredibly nutritionally-dense, delicious, and surprisingly easy to prepare.  Our inventory varies, but we typically have a good supply of Offal and Soup Bones on hand.

Current Inventory

February, 2024 : Oxtail 

Heart, Kidney, Liver, Soup Bones, Suet, Tongue- sold out



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Sausages and Jerky

All of our Sausages and Jerky are made from 100% grassfed Trail’s End Beef. Prepared by our artisan butcher at Prairie Meats, these are handy products to have in the freezer for a quick meal or snack. Our active family relies on sausage as our “fast food” for the busiest days. 

Current Inventory

February, 2024: Alpine Sage Sausage| Bratwurst| Bratwurst with Aged-White Cheddar | Hot Dogs| Italian Sausage| Maple Breakfast Sausage |Salami Sticks| Smokies 

Beef Jerky- Original and Black Pepper

 Grassfed Beef Jerky,  $20/ 1/2lb

To Order Select Cuts, Sausages and Extras

Please consult the Current Inventory boxes above and then see the attached list for pricing and ordering details. Simply email us your “wish list.”  See the Homepage for upcoming delivery dates. Delivery will be arranged to suit your needs or please visit the ranch to pick up an order.

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