What in the world is a WWOOFER?

For many years we’ve been introduced a series of capable women to our friends and customers, followed by  the phrase, “she  is our WWOOFer.”  “And what is a WWOOFer?” they ask.   A WWOOFer is an extra set of hands on the ranch, a companion in the kitchen, and a connection to the wide world outside our ranch gates.  WWOOF– World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms– is an international program designed to connect sustainable producers with volunteer labor, and a way for travelers with an interest in regenerative farming to get real life experience by working in exchange for room and board.

Here at Trail’s End, welcoming WWOOFers into our home has become an important part of our operation. Not only is the extra help appreciated, but we have made life-long friends.  Running a ranch keeps us tied to home, so instead of travelling we have the new people and cultures come to us!


Our version of hospitality hangs on the wall of the bunkhouse!
Luisa, from Germany, putting out mineral for the cows and bulls. She is also an expert at bottle feeding kittens!
Venice, my Swiss sister, with the curtains she sewed for the ranch house.
Danielle, from Austria, was cowgirl of the day when thing got exciting on this move!
This smile! It was great to have Melanie here for two summers– with her camera, and her “tourtiere.”  Hint: when you send care packages of French wine in the mail, you always get invited back.
Sophie, from France, provided muscle and great company to build the garden fence.
Sarah, from Germany, our first ever WWOOFer and instantly part of the family.

Would you like to WWOOF?

We are a busy working ranch, an active young family, we grow our own food, and direct market beef to our customers. There is lots of work and lots of play at Trail’s End! If you are interested in spending some time with us please visit WWOOF Canada to learn more about the program.

Note: We are not accepting help this season. Thanks for your understanding.

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