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The sun shines warm and heats the horses coats, but the nights are bitterly cold. Just days ago, a flock of geese flew across the barnyard, hard towards the north into an oncoming snow storm. This mid-winter is a time of limbo in southern Alberta. We’re almost tired of tucking in cozy, but it’s hard to find the energy to tackle a project outside. Our days are full of the routines of feeding cattle, returning emails, and then digging into a good meal. We know that soon enough the frenzy of spring will start and we’ll long for these days of relative downtime. 

Beef orders are coming in daily. Once again we say a huge THANK YOU to all our amazing customers who know the routine of reserving well in advance of the processing season.

FARM STORE FREEZERS- stocked with ground beef, sausages, soup bones,  and more. Email to order.

BULK BEEF 2021-  ordering for Quarters, Sides, and Whole is open! Now is the time to reserve your order for summer 2021.





Custom Ranch tours available by appointment.




We are always happy to coordinate individual delivery and pick-up arrangements in Calgary.  The Farm Store at the ranch is open for pick up by appointment. 


Happy Cows

Happy Cows

Our cattle are raised free-range, low-stress, and slow grown on the ranch. Ensuring the best quality of life for our cattle from birth to butcher is the core principle of Trail’s End Beef.

Family Ranch

Family Ranch

The fourth-generation, raising the fifth. Family and food make our world go around–We work, play, and eat together.

Grassfed Beef

Grassfed, Grass-Finished Beef

Premium quality, nourishing beef with exceptional flavour and nutrition. Always 100% Grassfed and Grass-finished

“Serve the kind of food you know the story behind.”

Michael Pollan