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100% Grassfed, Grass-Finished Beef

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The grass is green, calves are getting frisky, and it is turn out time! That means we are checking fence-lines, setting up water systems, moving electric fence, running the cattle through for herd health, and hauling to summer pastures. It is a busy, but rewarding time! These days we are rarely indoors, so thank you for patiently waiting for your emails to be returned.

With the green grass the Grassfed Beef Season has begun. We’ve got a great selection of beef for the grill, slow cooker, or saddle bag. Salami and Beef Jerky are staples for us in the summer!

FARM STORE FREEZERS- fully-stocked. Email to order.

BULK BEEF 2021-  Ordering for Quarters, Sides, and Whole is now by waitlist. Please EMAIL to check availability before submitting your ORDER or DEPOSIT.





Custom Ranch tours available by appointment.

Open Farm Day~ August 14, 2021. 10-5



 The Farm Store at the ranch is open for pick up by appointment. 

We are happy to arrange meet up spots in Calgary by request.


Happy Cows

Happy Cows

Our cattle are raised free-range, low-stress, and slow grown on the ranch. Ensuring the best quality of life for our cattle from birth to butcher is the core principle of Trail’s End Beef.

Family Ranch

Family Ranch

The fourth-generation, raising the fifth. Family and food make our world go around–We work, play, and eat together.

Grassfed Beef

Grassfed, Grass-Finished Beef

Premium quality, nourishing beef with exceptional flavour and nutrition. Always 100% Grassfed and Grass-finished

“Serve the kind of food you know the story behind.”

Michael Pollan