Plateau Cattle Co.

The Plateau Cattle Co. ranch is nestled in the rolling foothills just west of Nanton, AB – in what is proudly called authentic ranching country- where the importance of community and a commitment for responsible land stewardship are reflected in our common values. It is home to healthy, thriving Black Angus hybrid cattle, hard-working dogs and horses, and third generation ranchers, John Smith and Laura Laing.

During the summer months, their cattle roam free, grazing on more than 80,000 acres of grassland. These native pastures are in the shadow of Plateau Mountain, the ranch’s namesake and the range seen from the kitchen window of the ranch house. In early fall and winter, the herd is brought closer to home and cared for on the homestead pastures in preparation for spring calving. Every decision at Plateau Cattle Co. reflects the belief that natural, low-stress environments create happy cows and calves. We believe this is ultimately reflected not only in the animal’s quality of life, of course, but in the quality and taste of Plateau Cattle Co. Grassfed Beef, beef that Trail’s End  is proud to offer to our customers.

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“Thou shalt inherit the holy earth as a faithful steward,
Conserving its resources and productivity from generation to generation. Thou shalt safeguard thy fields from soil erosion, Thy living waters from drying up, Thy forests from desolation, and Protect thy hills from overgrazing by thine herds, That thy descendants may have abundance forever.”

Cross family papers, 1820-1870


Friends and Neighbours

We are proud to work together in the spirit of healthy land, happy cattle, and solid relationships with our friends and neighbours to meet the demand for grassfed and grass-finished beef in southern Alberta.

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Common Values

Our partner ranches share our common values and standards of production. Ranch management practices are annually audited for the highest possible standards in the industry. All our beef is 100% grassfed and grass-finished.

Ranch-Raised Beef

Our partner ranches raise hardy Red and Black Angus cattle.  The grassfed beef herds are carefully managed with low-stress handling, and always on grass from birth to harvest.