Proudly Animal Welfare Approved and Grassfed Certified

Trail’s End Beef, our partner ranches, and our processor, Prairie Meats, are all Animal Welfare Approved.  Stringent record keeping and an annual audit ensure that each operation maintains the highest possible standards for animal welfare and environmental stewardship. We know that we have happy cows and we have an established customer base that believes in and trusts our ranch and practices.  However, having a third-party voice behind our brand acknowledges our hard work and adds authenticity and integrity to our premium product..

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About the AWA

Animal Welfare Approved’s standards are the most rigorous and progressive animal care requirements in North America, as recognized by the World Society for the Protection of Animals. Given only to family farms, the Animal Welfare Approved label verifies that participating farms are putting each individual animal’s comfort and well-being first. The program benefits all of us with the simple understanding that our own best interests are intrinsically linked to animals and the environment.

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Happy, healthy cattle. Always raised on sustainably managed pastures.