The Ordering Process



Our Grassfed and Grass-Finished beef is available directly from us, the producers. Buying freezer beef from your local rancher is an efficient way to ensure a year-round supply of grassfed beef for your family.   Orders are available in bulk by the Quarter, Side, or Whole.

Premium grassfed beef is a seasonal product. At Trail’s End, we butcher our prime beef when the grass is green and the cattle are “finished” between July and October.  Pre-order your beef early in the year. Your deposit reserves your spot for the processing season.  Beef is available first-come-first served and supplies are limited.  Traditionally our bulk beef sells out well in advance of the summer, please order early so as not to be disappointed.  Details can be found on this page and in the attached forms. Or reach out with your questions at anytime.

About Bulk Beef

How much to order is based on your family size and your beef consumption. Remember that you want your order to last through the entire year. Personally, our family of four, with lots of guests, eats the equivalent of a Whole Beef every year.

Quarter: Many of our customers order a Quarter as their introduction to buying in bulk, and then up the order the following year.  Typically a Quarter would be for a small family of light beef eaters. Approximately 3-4 boxes averaging around 100lbs of beef. You would need a small deep freeze. Our Quarters are mixed-Quarters, meaning that you are getting exactly half of a half of beef, some cuts from the hind end and some from the front. Our Quarters come in 2 semi-custom cutting options.

Side: Also known as a Half of Beef, a Side is suitable for a family of 4-6 who are regular beef eaters.  A Side usually comes in 6-8 butcher boxes. You can expect about 200lbs of beef. A small to medium deep freeze is recommended.  Custom cutting is offered with a Side. An online platform sent out when your beef is processed makes cut selection easy. If you want more advice, the butcher will talk you through the process of customizing your beef to suit your needs.

Whole: A Whole Beef is perfect for a family who loves their beef, and like us, does a lot of entertaining.  Also consider a Whole Beef for splitting with friends or family. A Whole Beef is a good choice if you would like to have sausages, hamburger patties and jerky made with your order without sacrificing the other cuts. 12-16 boxes, approximately 480 lbs of finished beef.

Beef price is based on wet hanging weight, butchering fees apply on top of this price they are listed on the order forms.

Quarter (approximately 150-225 lbs wet weight) $4.95/pound  ~Roughly $1000 total including butchering.

Side (approximately 300-450 pounds wet weight)$4.95/pound ~Roughly $2000 total including butchering.

Whole Beef (approximately 600-900 pounds wet weight)$4.95/pound ~Roughly $4000 total including butchering.

Our beef is sold by the wet hanging weight.  This is sometimes also called the “hot weight,” “rail weight, or “carcass weight.”  It is the weight provided by the butcher after the carcass is hung to begin the dry aging process.  This is the most accurate way to price bulk beef.

When you purchase Trail’s End Beef you are literally receiving a portion of a particular animal.  Our Whole carcasses range between 600-900 lbs wet hanging weight. You may request an approximate size upon ordering.  The weight of beef you receive will be less than the wet hanging weight.  This is called “shrink.”  Shrinkage on an average prime carcass is around  40%-45%.  The “yield” will be approximately 60% of the wet hanging weight.  A 400lb wet hanging weight will yield approximately 240lb of beef. The shrinkage  depends on the amount of moisture lost during the dry-aging process, the amount of external fat trimmed off, and how you have the beef custom cut.  De-boning the steaks makes for greater weight loss. For example, choosing New York Strip steaks instead of T-Bone steaks, will reduce the total weight, but not the total amount of meat.

Make sure to take advantage of all the nutritious and tasty “extras”- Heart, Tongue, Kidney, Liver, Suet, and Soup Bones -these are not weighed as part of the carcass weight.

All Trail’s End Beef is processed, cut and wrapped by Prairie Meats in Coaldale, AB.  Our beef is provincially inspected at this immaculate, recently renovated facility. We are confident that our ideals of humane animal handling are shared with the team at Prairie Meats. They are certified as an Animal Welfare Approved processing plant, recognizing that they go above industry standards to ensure that each animal’s death, like its life, is handled as quietly and humanely as possible.

When you order a Half or Whole Beef it will be custom cut for your needs. The butcher will consult with you for your cutting preferences. Cutting instructions are now done through an online platform that gives you a detailed explanation of every cut.  If you are new to this way of acquiring beef, we and the butcher will be pleased to talk over your choices.  Each cut will be wrapped and labelled, and the frozen beef is delivered in boxes labelled with your name.

Butchering Fees apply to all orders. See order forms for current pricing. The team at Prairie Meats provides exceptional customer service. Call them for info pertaining specifically to butchering, cutting and wrapping at (403) 345-2190 or email

The identity of each animal and carcass is systematically traced from birth through to the freezer.  All of our cattle are raised at Trail’s End, or by our partners at Mt. Sentinel Ranch and Plateau Cattle Co. Each ranch keeps records that detail each stage of an animal’s life. Within days of birth calves are tagged with a “visible Id tag.” This identification number corresponds with its mother, and additionally contains a letter that represents the year it was born.  For example, the calf born to Cow #93 in 2015 was tagged 93C. Additionally, each animal is tagged with a radio frequency CCIA tag registered with the government.  This age verification process produces an official “Birth Certificate” that goes to the processing plant for the inspector to review.

Our professional, artisan butchers keep immaculate records that correspond with our own.  Together we can trace each piece of beef and match it to our customer records at a moment’s notice.  Indeed when we taste-test our steaks we reference the Butcher number, then the Animal number and note the day it was butchered and what pasture it came from. This is beef that has a story from pasture to plate.

Online Ordering

Side and Whole Beef Online Form
Quarter Beef Online Form

Ordering Steps

  • Fill out the ONLINE order form. Or use the PRINT version and return by email or snail mail.

  • Send a DEPOSIT of $200 to confirm your order. E-transfer is best. Or cheques made out to Trail’s End Beef.

  • We will email to CONFIRM your order. At this time you will be given your processing and DELIVERY DATES.  The earlier you order, the more flexibility there is to adjust the date you will receive your beef.

  • When the beef is processed we contact you to let you know the weight and balance owing.  You send PAYMENT at that time. The butcher contacts you for CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS if you are ordering a Side or Whole. BUTCHERING FEES for Side and Whole Beef are paid directly to Prairie Meats and must be paid prior to delivery

  • On your set DELIVERY date we welcome you to visit the ranch, meet at a central location in Calgary, or pick up from the butcher. The beef comes frozen, boxed, labelled– ready to fill your freezer.


Decide between a Quarter, Side, or Whole beef. Fill out the form and submit with your deposit.  You are ordering directly from the producer.  We will be in touch throughout the entire process.


Orders are processed first come first served, during the butchering season. Expect to fill your freezer between July and October.


We welcome you to visit the ranch or to meet us at our pickup location in Calgary on delivery day. Your order may also be picked up at the butcher.

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Order beef by the piece. The Farm Store stays well-stocked during the summer. Check out the Select Cuts page for availability and email to order.
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