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  • Offal and Soup Bone selections are offered through the online cutting instructions provided by Prairie Meats at the time of processing.

    Liver, Kidney, Heart, Tongue, Oxtail, Suet and Soup Bones (2 bags/ Side) are available with your order. A small cutting and wrapping fee applies.

  • The Details

  • Send in your deposit. A $200 deposit holds your order. Cheques are payable to Trail’s End Beef, Box 1444 Nanton, Alberta T0L 1R0. Or through e-transfer to tylerandrachel@trailsendbeef.com. (403) 601-5467. You will be sent confirmation when your order and deposit are received. Please make note of the processing and delivery date provided at that time. The processing season runs from July to October.

    Balance is due when we notify you with the wet carcass weight. Payment must be received prior to delivery day.

    1) Beef Price paid to Trail’s End is $5.95/lb. based on wet hanging weight (Sides range from 300-450lbs). Packaged beef will yield approximately 60% of wet weight. Thus, a 370lb Side will yield around 222lbs of beef. An average Side will be roughly $2600 in total (beef, butchering, and delivery).

    2)Butcher’s fees are paid to Prairie Meats by credit card or etransfer. The fee of $1.27/lb wet hanging weight, includes processing, cutting and wrapping. Additional charges apply for: extra aging time, offal processing, stew, sausages, patties, and jerky. Your order will be custom cut and wrapped by Prairie Meats. They will contact you by email on, or shortly after, your processing day with a simple online cutting instruction template. It is important to submit your cutting instructions promptly.

    Take note of your delivery date when your order is confirmed. Delivery to a central pickup location in Calgary is included in the price of your beef. Or come and visit the ranch. Alternately, pick up your order at Prairie Meats in Coaldale. These dates are firm and booked months in advance. Thank you for planning accordingly.

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