When you conjure up an image of a Southern Alberta cattle ranch, what do you imagine?  Sweeping vistas of grass? Epic views of the Rocky Mountains extending from rolling hills? Glossy herds of cattle followed by cowboys on horseback?



Or, perhaps you think of a family ranch, and imagine wholesome-looking children riding ponies or playing in a barnyard in the sun.

Daddy and Avery moving cows

Daddy and Avery moving cows


Well, on any given day all of those images could be a picture of reality. But here at Trail’s End, a family ranch consumed by direct marketing our home-raised grassfed beef, you would also be correct if you sometimes imagined a tired mama, in her chore clothes, fitting some desk time in between feeding cows and feeding her family. We call it, “Computer Ranching” and it is how we bring our Beef to you, our valued customer.

The last couple of months have been dedicated to building our new website.  We hope that this new site gives a clear vision of our Values and Practices. That the expanded Photo Gallery lets you share in the beauty that surrounds our home.  And that the Blog will give you a glimpse into the realities of a working family ranch and the things that make our world go ‘round. Please visit the Recipe section, which will continue to grow as I share some of our favorite foods. And most importantly, we hope that the new website will answer all your questions about How to Order and make it easy for you to fill your freezer with our grassfed, grass-finished beef.

As much as we want you to connect with the ranch online, we always welcome you to visit the ranch in person. Raising the best possible beef and caring for our land and animals is our primary focus, but fostering a genuine relationship with each and every one of our customers is also important to us. It is the connections between land, animals, producers and consumers that support sustainable, healthy food production.

From our family to yours, welcome to Trail’s End and enjoy your beef in good health.