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grassfed beef raised by our family for yours

TRAIL’S END BEEF is a family ranch located on the prairies and hills near Nanton, AB. Our respect for the land and animals is rooted in our deep ranching heritage. We raise Grassfed, 100% Grass-Finished Beef from pasture to plate with an emphasis on premium quality beef and stewarding the land for future generations.  Thanks to all of our supporters for the role you play in our story.



Whole, Side, or Quarter Grassfed beef

processed seasonally from July through October.
Order in early 2019 to reserve your beef.

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As beef season winds down our cattle work ramps up. We are planning for weaning, fall pasture moves, and for when the yearlings come home and become next year’s Beef herd.  Stews, soups, and roasts now get planned well in advance to fit our busy life juggling cows kinds and hockey!  It has been a pleasure to connect with all our customers over the summer. Hope you are enjoying your full freezers of beef!  Our end of season items are now in stock. If you would like to try any “offal and extras” please visit our “Select Cuts” page for current inventory.

BULK BEEF sold out. Ordering for next season will be open in early 2019. We announce “go” through our newsletter and social media. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you!



Our off-season delivery is arranged on an individual basis. Email to coordinate a delivery or ranch visit.


Happy Cows

Happy Cows

Our cattle are raised free-range, low-stress, and slow grown on the ranch. Ensuring the best quality of life for our cattle from birth to butcher is the core principle of Trail’s End Beef.

Family Ranch

Family Ranch

The fourth-generation, raising the fifth. Family and food make our world go around–We work, play, and eat together.

Grassfed Beef

Grassfed, Grass-Finished Beef

Premium quality, nourishing beef with exceptional flavour and nutrition. Always 100% Grassfed and Grass-finished